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Abt Electronics and Appliances - Online appliance parts, FREE repair advice

Appliance Brands (241)
Know what you're looking for? Get right to the manufacturer's web site.
Appliance Care Tips (18)
Keep your appliances running like they were brand new and looking great.
Brand Histories (15)
Curious about an appliance brand? Read about some of their company histories.
FAQ (34)
Frequently Asked Questions.
Glossary (73)
Common terms used in relation to major home appliances.
Helpful Tips (64)
Here are some tips to save you time and money when requiring home service and also to help you avoid needing service altogether.
How it Works (25)
Find out how your appliances are suppose to work so you can determine problems or avoid them.
Installation and Replacement (17)
Instruction about installing new appliances and/or replacing old ones.
Just For Fun (10)
Humorous and light-hearted major appliance related links.
Manufacturer Contact Information (7)
Lists of addresses and phone numbers of some of the leading appliance manufacturers.
Myths About Appliances (20)
Common myths and misconceptions about appliances are dispelled here.
On-line Parts Catalogs (12)
Here are some on-line appliance parts catalogs that you can browse through.
Problem Diagnostics (24)
These pages will help you to determine what is causing the problem with your appliance.
Purchasing Guides (16)
Before you shop, find out what you should be looking for.
Recalls (184)
Recalls and court settlements regarding major home appliances.
Related Accessories (13)
Original and innovative accessories for your major home appliances.
Repair Manuals (4)
Not sure how to repair an appliance? Get a repair manual and get the job done right.
Restoration (25)
Sites and companies dealing with revitalizing or preserving older appliances.
Service Information (24)
Web sites that have on-line appliance repair information.

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