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  • itsNLA - Classified ads for consumers and trades people to find and sell obsolete, discontinued and no longer available (NLA) appliance parts, manuals and appliance related items. Ads will display for up to 6 months with a single initial placement.
    (Added: 18-Jun-2004 2249 Hits Rating: 8.00 Votes: 6)
  • Antique Gas Stoves - Resources for older gas stoves and ranges including reporcelain and rechroming service, replacement parts, manuals and an assessment service (for a fee) to estimate the value of older appliances.
    (Added: 16-Oct-2001 5906 Hits Rating: 5.98 Votes: 29)
  • Antique Stove Hospital - Sales and restoration of antique wood, coal and gas stoves. Gas ranges are rebuilt to new condition with the addition of safety devices that meet 1999 codes.
    (Added: 19-May-2000 5493 Hits Rating: 7.41 Votes: 44)
  • Antique Vintage Appliances - Services include complete frame up restoration, chrome services and repair of chipped porcelain or new porcelain. Restored appliances ready for shipment or upon request.
    (Added: 9-Mar-2010 2153 Hits Rating: 9.50 Votes: 2)
  • - Specializes in restoring and customizing antique and vintage refrigerators.
    (Added: 5-Apr-2001 6153 Hits Rating: 6.93 Votes: 44)
  • Apple Stoves - Vintage stove restoration services including reglaze porcelain, rechrome, replace insulation, regrease valves, recalibrate oven thernmostats, repair gas leaks, thermostats and safeties, replace window glass and commercial grade non-stick surface coating (like Teflon) for griddles.
    (Added: 23-Aug-2014 137 Hits Rating: 7.50 Votes: 2)
  • Chambers Stove Lover's Website - Deals with vintage Chambers ranges including cleaning tips, literature and restoration, conversion and repair links.
    (Added: 30-Sep-2009 553 Hits Rating: 6.00 Votes: 1)
  • Custom Ceramic Coatings, Inc. - Custom porcelain coatings for antiques, stove parts or any kind of part or product you may have. Specializing in steel and cast products. We can handle limited production runs or prototype work in many available colors.
    (Added: 30-Sep-2009 645 Hits Rating: 0 Votes: 0)
  • Custom Oven Racks - Homestead Vintage Stove Company, Centralia, Washington, can supply basic flat racks finished in chrome, nickel or plain steel to fit your vintage stove.

    (Added: 4-Oct-2011 251 Hits Rating: 6.00 Votes: 1)

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