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Myth - If your electric dryer is not heating but it is running, the fuses for it must be good.
Truth - There are two fuses in the house fuse panel for the dryer. Both are required for the dryer to heat, but only one needs to be good for the motor and timer to function. If one of the two has failed, the heater will not function.

(Added: 9-Oct-1999)
Myth - If a house fuse or breaker for the dryer is open, the fault must be in the appliance.
Truth - If the fuse blows when first starting the dryer, the cause is usually in the appliance. If it opens after several minutes of use, the problem is often in the fuse/breaker box. A poor contact between the fuse/breaker and the contacts inside the box will generate heat. This heat will melt a fuse's filament or trip a breaker, opening the circuit. When replacing a fuse shortly after it has blown, make note of it's temperature. If it is at all warm to the touch, this indicates a bad connection. Many household electricians are not even aware of this and may continue to insist that the problem is in the appliance.

(Added: 9-Oct-1999)

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