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Myth - My window air conditioner needs to be 'recharged' each year to work effectively.
Truth - Household air conditioners should never require a refrigerant recharge. The gas travels in a sealed system and should never escape unless damage is done to the system. If your unit is not cooling as well as it did before, it likely only needs a professional steam/chemical cleaning. Older car air conditioners are different and may require periodic recharges.

(Added: 27-Sep-1999)
Myth - You can bring fresh air into a room and vent dirty or stale air to the outdoors by turning on your window air conditioner.
Truth - Window air conditioners do not exchange air with the outdoors. They cool and recycle the air within the house only. On models with a vent, when open, only a percentage of the inside air is exhausted outside and is not replaced by the unit.

(Added: 27-Sep-1999)
Myth - I can help my air conditioner to cool several rooms by setting up a fan to blow the cold air around.
Truth - Since an air conditioner's main function is to remove heat, it would be more beneficial to blow the other room's warm air into the room with the air conditioner so its heat can be removed. The cold air will migrate elsewhere on its own.

(Added: 3-Jun-2003)

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