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FuseIf your electric dryer is not heating, the first thing to check are the fuses/breakers in your house fuse panel. There are two separate fuses for your dryer and if one of the two should fail, it is possible for your dryer to run but not produce any heat.
(Added: 14-Jul-1999)
When you hear grinding or squealing noises, have it tended to quickly. There are many inexpensive parts on a dryer that can wear out. If they are not replaced in a timely fashion it can lead to extensive repairs.
(Added: 14-Jul-1999)
Clean the lint filter every time you use the dryer and inspect the vent pipe and vent cover operation yearly. Poor air flow uses more energy and can cause lint build-up in the internal ducting, leading to a fire hazard.
(Added: 14-Jul-1999)
Never vent a gas dryer indoors! Carbon monoxide gas can be expelled with the exhaust air and can build-up inside your home to poisonous levels.
(Added: 14-Jul-1999)

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