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Keep items of different metals separated in the silverware basket of the dishwasher. Knives, forks spoonsCutlery can discolor if dissimilar metals (stainless steel, silver, etc.) are touching when washed. The heat and water can cause electrolysis to occur that blackens or pits the surface of metal utensils.
(Added: 5-Mar-2000)
Scrape your plates free of solid food particles before washing them. Large particles can get into or puncture seals causing water leaks and clog filters resulting in washability issues. But do NOT rinse under a tap prior to washing.
(Added: 24-Jul-1999)
Bread bag clips, corners cut from bags of milk bread bag clipand elastic bands can unknowingly get stuck to the underside of bowls and plates and get put into the dishwasher. These items can clog up the pump and lead to expensive repairs. Be sure to dispose of these items into the garbage.
(Added: 24-Jul-1999)
Upon finding a broken glass in your dishwasher, do an extensive search to find all the broken pieces. Check the filter and at the bottom of the unit. Glass shards can get into the pump and cause serious damage and even water leaks.
(Added: 24-Jul-1999)
Check the bottom of the silverware basket for holes. Cutlery can extent through the hole and inhibit the spray arm from turning, causing poor washability. When the technician arrives and the load has been removed, the problem cause may not be apparent.
(Added: 24-Jul-1999)
Any water leakage should be looked into immediately. Water can get into motors causing major damage, or cause flooring to rot.
(Added: 24-Jul-1999)
Only use a rinse agent if you have hard water. If you use it with already soft water, foaming can result which could lead to poor washing and leakage.
(Added: 5-Oct-2004)

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