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  • SOLENOID - An electro-mechanical device that produces a magnetic field, to move an internal metallic plunger, when power is supplied. When power to the electromagnet is discontinued, the plunger is free again to move by other forces. This plunger can be attached to other devices (levers, seals, etc.) to do mechanical work.
    (Added: 12-Sep-1999 5226 Hits Rating: 7.68 Votes: 35)
    An electronic switch that diverts the current when the flow is changed or when an external current is applied. May also be called a TRIAC.
    (Added: 12-Sep-1999 Rating: 0 Votes: 0)
  • TAP ADAPTOR - A male connector that attaches to a water faucet to allow a female connector(dishwasher unicouple) to attach to it. This device sometimes includes an aerator and is more properly called a dishwasher FAUCET ADAPTOR.
    (Added: 12-Sep-1999 1520 Hits Rating: 4.22 Votes: 13)
  • Therm-O-Disc, Inc. - Therm-O-Disc is a manufacturer of temperature sensors, temperature controls and electrical switches for the appliance, HVAC, automotive and commercial industries and is a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co. Probably most notably associated with their bimetal disc thermostats.
    (Added: 12-Sep-1999 4618 Hits Rating: 4.40 Votes: 5)
  • THERMODISC - A mechanical electric switch that is responsive to changing temperature by means of a bimetal actuator.
    (Added: 12-Sep-1999 1337 Hits Rating: 7.48 Votes: 18)
    A switch that controls an electric current or the flow of a liquid or gas in response to changing temperature.
    (Added: 12-Sep-1999 Rating: 0 Votes: 0)
    A mechanism used to control the on and off times of an electric circuit. Also see DEFROST TIMER.
    (Added: 12-Sep-1999 Rating: 0 Votes: 0)
  • TRIAC - An electronic relay that diverts the current when the flow is changed or when an external current is applied.
    (Added: 12-Sep-1999 1040 Hits Rating: 5.70 Votes: 10)
    Unicouple hose attachmentDevice used to attach the fill and drain hose of a portable dishwasher or washing machine to a faucet (tap) adaptor mounted on a sink faucet - Unicoupler
    (Added: 25-Nov-2000 Rating: 0 Votes: 0)
    An electric switch activated by air pressure. This device detects air pressure exerted on it through a flexible tube connecting it to part of a water tub. When activated, this switch then opens an electrical circuit stopping further filling of the machine. May also be called a PRESSURE SWITCH.
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