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Intactive Web Page Features

Our experience in CGI programming in Perl and PHP give us the knowledge to know what is possible for interactive applications for your site. We can help to create a truly unique experience for your customers.

We can install forums, an email referral service or a host of other interactive page elements to keep customers' interest. Custom applications can also be developed to meet your distinctive needs.

Maximize return on investment in your Web site by generating supplementary revenue from ad sales with the help of ad management software installed by us.

CGI Scripting in Perl and PHP

  • Perl
  • PHP
  • xSSI
  • JavaScript

  • Custome CGI Scripting Samples

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  • Repair Info Search
  • Appliance Date Code Search
  • Part Availability Search
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  • Possibilities are only limited by imagination, and boy... do we have a good imagination!

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