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There are many new appliance names being seen in stores these days besides the major four manufacturer's brands. Every store wants to sell something different so direct price comparisons can't be made.

Appliance brands such as Ariston, Avanti, Bertazzoni, Crosley, Danby, Equator, Ewave, Haier, LG, Malber, Premier, Summit and Sunbeam are often sold by chain, discount or specialty stores. There are even private label or 'store brands' like Beaumark, Brada, Conservator, Criterion, Everstar, Holiday, Insignia, Kirkland, Kenmore and Signature that are only available at that one particular retail chain.

While these products may have current styling, be of acceptable quality and reasonably priced, new brands may not have a fully developed service or support network to keep them operational without major hassles. If you're interested in its overall longevity, I suggest you look into the brand's service network before making a purchase decision. If you can not get replacement parts or service down the line in a timely fashion, you may be forced to replace an 'off-brand' appliance sooner than might otherwise be expected.

At the very least I suggest you find out if there is a local (to you) service company already in place to perform service should it become necessary. You could also actually contact them and ask how that particular brand's part supply is and how well service matters are handled by the factory. Chances are, if there is no service network already in place or they are poor on the supply side, you may be faced with long waits to have a product repaired when necessary or even forced to replace the whole appliance (at your expense) when it can't be repaired in a timely fashion.

While many of these brand's products are likely manufactured 'off-shore', some may actually be made by the major domestic manufacturers and just rebranded. But even that is no guaranty of part availability in the future. In years to come when the private label retailer may have gone out of business, tracing parts back to the original product manufacture may be difficult, if not impossible. Even if still in business, records for older store brand products may no longer be available to even the seller.

As long as you do your homework before making such a purchase and do so with your eyes open and with the possible risks involved in mind, there may be no reason you wouldn't be happy with such a product.


AJ Madison, Your Appliance Authority

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