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While once there were many different garbage disposal manufacturers like Tappan, Waste King, GE, KitchenAid, etc. there are now only two major players in the domestic garbage disposal marketplace, In sink garbage disposal/disposerIn-Sink-Erator (ISE for short) and Anaheim Manufacturing. In 2002 ISE had 80% of the market share, Anaheim Manufacturing 20%.

Today the other appliance brands like KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Maytag, Frigidaire, Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool, etc. just rebrand either of those manufacturer's products and sell them under their own brand names. Products sold under those other brands may only have styling, warranty or sound level differences while the underlying machinery is basically the same. (See the Who makes what? for more.)

The disposal manufacturers also sell their products under a number of their own brand names like ISE's Badger and Emerson brands and also make many of the store brand models which carry the store names. Anaheim Manufacturing sells their products under the Waste King, Sinkmaster, Whirlaway, BoneCrusher and Pulverator brands.

Often parts for either of the two main disposal manufacturers will fit any of the other brands which are produced by that same manufacturer. We have compiled here some of the more common items which consumers may be interested in replacing along with some of the parts which are still available for the original disposer designs.

Probably the most common part needing replacement is the sink stopper which fit into the top of the disposal to allow water to remain in the sink. The main difference between the sink stoppers (besides the make of disposal they're for) is the type of disposer they're used on. There are the 'continuous feed' disposer models which are typically activated by a separate wall switch and are most common and 'batch feed' models are turned on and off using the lid/stopper itself.

'Batch Feed' Disposers

ISE 'Batch Feed' disposal stopperIn-Sink-Erator built 'batch feed' models have used the same basic stopper design for as long as I can remember but may have had slightly different handles over the years. They are unique in their appearance and easily recognizable by the fork like switch activator on the under side of the lid.

Original KitchenAid 'Batch Feed' disposal stopper with magnetsOlder (non-ISE built) KitchenAid 'batch feed' disposals used a magnetic stopper to activate the on/off switch on 'batch feed' models. This stopper type was unique to this brand and has been discontinued from the manufacturer and can no longer be purchased. No separate repair parts for the stopper have been available for quite some time as well.

SinkMaster 'Batch Feed' disposal stopper
Anaheim Manufacturing uses a totally different style of sink stopper on their 'batch feed' garbage disposals. They are not likely to be confused with either of the others shown above.

'Continuous Feed' Disposers

ISE 'Continious Feed' deluxe 2-piece stopperFor this design In-Sink-Erator has a deluxe, 2-piece stopper which also can act as a strainer to allow some water to drain from a sink basin without actually removing the whole stopper. There is also an 'economy' stopper which would fit the same models but has to be totally removed to drain water from the sink.

Stoppers are also available for older KitchenAid 'continuous feed' models as well as ones for Anaheim Manufacturing's models. See the links below.

Disposal Splash Guards

ISE splash guardThe disposer opening's splash guards will also deteriorate with time and eventually need to be replaced. These come in several designs and sizes depending on the manufacturer and model. GE's current disposer models look to be made by Anaheim Manufacturing which may explain the similarity in appearance of their stoppers and splash guards.


ISE tail pipe
A unit's 'drain elbow' (or 'tail pipe' as ISE calls it) can also crack with age and the vibration of the unit leading to leaks. If replacing one of these, it is a good idea to replace its seal as well at the same time.

One unique feature of ISE built disposers is the allen key slot in the center of the base of the unit. A tool is designed to insert into it to help free jams. Although for the KitchenAid brand build by In-Sink-Erator, the tool below should work on all ISE built disposer models.

Disposal Brush Lastly, if you're having problems with smells and odors from your disposal, the "Disposer Care" product (seen below) is designed to help if regularly used and is approved by most disposal manufacturers. Varying designs of brushes may also be available for use to keep odors to a minimum.

  • Replacement Part Links
    In-Sink-Erator 'batch feed' stopper
    In-Sink-Erator 'continuous feed' "deluxe" stopper
    Maytag (by ISE) 'continuous feed' "deluxe" stopper
    In-Sink-Erator 'continuous feed' "economy" metal stopper
    KitchenAid 'batch feed' magnetic stopper (for older models)
    KitchenAid 'continuos feed' stopper (for older models)
    Anaheim Manufacturing 'continuos feed' stopper
    Anaheim Manufacturing 'batch feed' stopper
    General Electric 'batch feed' stopper
    General Electric 'continuos feed' stopper
    Universal 'continuos feed' stopper

    Anaheim Manufacturing splash guard and stopper kit
    General Electric splash guard and stopper kit
    Tappan splash guard and stopper kit

    In-Sink-Erator/KitchenAid splash guard
    In-Sink-Erator splash guard, baffle
    General Electric splash guard, WC3X124 (for older models)
    General Electric splash guard, was # WC3X125 (for newer models)

    In-Sink-Erator tail pipe
    In-Sink-Erator gasket, tail pipe
    Anaheim Manufacturing drain elbow & gasket

    KitchenAid/ISE jam wrench
    In-Sink-Erator jam wrench

    These and other garbage disposal parts available from the RepairClinic

  • Replacement Disposals
    AJ Madison, Your Appliance Authority Replacement disposers available from AJ Madison
    Home Depot Replacement disposers available from Home Depot

  • Cleaning Products
    Disposer Care
    Affresh® Disposal Cleaner
    Disposal Brush


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