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The Kenmore product line is made for Sears by the leading appliance manufacturers and branded with the Kenmore name. Sears does not manufacture any products themselves.

You can determine the manufacturer of your particular Kenmore appliance by comparing the model number prefix (first 3 or 4 digits of the model number before a dot or space) with the table below. (Eg. 110.20622991  or  110  20622991)

Example Kenmore model tag

  Please Note!  The complete model number will usually only appear right on the appliance's identification tag (as pictured above) and will NOT usually be listed in the owner's manual, bill of sale or on the energy guide label.

Any printing on the front of the appliance (eg. "Series 70", 80, 90, "Kenmore 20", "Elite", "Deluxe" or "Heavy Duty", etc.) is not the model number but is just a marketing name which is not usually of any help in identifying the appliance you have.

Prefix Manufacturer Type Prefix Manufacturer Type
103.Roperct, wo 587.DM (Frigidaire)dw
106.Whirlpoolref, ac 592.Samsungla, mw
110.Whirlpooldw, la 596.Amanaref
116.Absocoldim 612.ACMEran, ref
118.Corningct, ran 622.Kelvinator (Frigidaire) 
119.Athens, Royal Chef (Frigidaire), Roper*ct, ran 628.Kelvinator (Frigidaire) 
126.Absocold?ref, im 629.Jenn Air 
143.Monarch/Simpson?ra 630.Boschdw
153.State Industrieswh 647.Roper 
154.Whirlpoolct, ran 651.Speed Queen 
155.Preway (Whirlpool)ran 664.Whirlpoolct, wo
174.Caloric  665.Whirlpooldw ran wo
175.In-Sink-Eratordisp 666.KitchenAidran
183.Haierfrz 675.WC Wood Co.ref, frz
196.Brown Stove?ran 683.Philco Italy?la
198.Whirlpoolfrz 719.Tappan (Frigidaire) 
233.Broanhood 721.Goldstar (LG)mw
251.Winix Inc.dehum 747.Littonmw
253.Gibson (Frigidaire)ac, ref 757.Ranney/Northland, Marvel, Imperialfrz, ran
255.Mideafrz 767.LG, Marvelmw, ref
274.RCA  789.Defianceref
278.Roper*wo, mw 790.Frigidaire 
293.Feddersac, dehum 791.Tappan (Frigidaire) 
335.Amanaran 795.LG Electronicsref
336.Electrolux  796.LGla
342.York  835.Roper 
362.Roper*ran 840.Friedrichac
363.GE, LGref, dw, mw 850.Preway (Whirlpool)wo
401.Samsungmw 867.Keepriteac
402.Samsungla 880.Whirlpoolran
405.Guangdong Mideamw 911.Roper* 
407.Greedehum 917.Roper, GE, Frigidaireran
416.Carrier  925.Maycor (Maytag) 
417.Kelvinator (Frigidaire)  934.Hitachi 
461.Shunde Midea Mfg.dw, ref 960.Caloric 
464.GE #  970.Frigidaireran, ref
465.Maytagdw C106.Inglisref
473.Hoover  C110.Inglisdw, la
484.Fedders, Whirlpool #ac C362.Camcoran
501.Goldstar (LG)la, ref C363.Camcodw, ran
562.Toshiba  C646.Admiral (Inglis)ref
564.Sanyomw, frz C675.WC Wood Co.ref, frz
565.Sanyomw C880.Admiral (Inglis)ran, ref
566.Sanyomw C933.Kelvinator
(B4 1970)
567.Sanyomw C938.Keepriteac
568.Panasonic  C960.GSWla
575.Sharp  C968.Moffat (Camco)ran, la
580.Goldstar (LG)  C970.Kelvinator
ran, ref
586.Panasonic  C978.Camcola, ref
  * Parts available through GE, not Whirlpool
  # as in the actual model number, not on Sears internal documents
  ac-air conditioner   aw-washer   ct-cooktop   disp-disposal
  dr-dryer   dw-dishwasher   frz-freezer   im-ice maker   mw-microwave
  ran-range   ref-refrigerator   wo-wall oven (a.k.a. built in oven)

Every attempt has been made to ensure this information is accurate. If you know of any omissions or anomalies, please report them to the webmaster.


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