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If you're in the need of information about major home appliances, you've come to the right place. We've gathered the most frequently requested information and designed this web site around it.

We hope you'll find the information and links we've assembled here useful.

The Purchase

Our purchasing section gives you tips and advice on important issues concerning people in the market for new appliances.

Who make what appliance brand?

Site Feature Be sure to check out the 'Who Makes What' page to see the company behind the brand name you're purchasing.

Repair Parts

And if you're a Do-it-yourselfer, the repair parts section will tell you all you need to know purchase repair parts for your home appliances.

Gas Range Model Tag Location

Site Feature The 'Model Tag Locator' is an interactive application to help you on the first leg of your repair journey.

Q&A Forum

Should you be unable to find the specific information you're looking for in any of the sections, including the links, post a message in the on-line Q&A Forum.

If the staff of Appliance411.com doesn't have the answer, someone is sure to drop by and offer some advice.

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Home Service

The home service section will help you to decide whom you should call when you need a home appliance repaired. It also explains what you can expect in the way of charges.

Click for Helpful Appliance Tips

Site Feature Don't miss the 'Helpful Tips', 'Myths About Appliances' and 'Owner Manuals' sections. Those could help you avoid the need for service altogether.

Find out how old your appliances are! CLICK HERE

Site Feature You can also find the age of your appliances with our date code lookup service found here.

Appliance Links

Our links section has the most extensive references to other appliance related web sites. Each link has been visited by the Webmaster and been evaluated for it's usefulness.

Site Feature No more wasted time with search engines trying to find that one page with the information you're looking for. We've done all the searching for you.

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