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Do you know of a major home appliance related news story that can be found on the Web? If you do, we encourage you to suggest it for inclusion in the Appliance411 News Links.

With your help, we can keep consumers informed of the happenings in the appliance industry. Use the form on this page to submit your suggestion.

If you would like to add the news headlines to your site, scroll down the page to find the HTML code to add to your page. This service is provided free of charge to all interested parties.


As Seen On
Appliance Warehouse
Procter and Gamble*
Emerson site*
Whirlpool site*
Sears site*
GE site*
*(intranet only)

News Story Suggestion Form

Story URL Requires the http://
Story Title Keep it short
Story Source Eg. Fox News
Story Date Mar 06, 2000

HTML Code for your page

You can add this simple HTML code fragment to your page to provide your visitors up to date appliance news headlines, as part of your web site!

<!-- Appliance News Headlines -->
<table border=1 align="right">


<!-- End News Headlines -->

Simply cut and paste the above code into your own web page. The align="right" (bolded in the above HTML code) will cause the 200 pixels wide headlines to be right justified on your page and allow your page text to wrap around it on the left. This makes the headlines display unobtrusively within your page content.

Tip: The code needn't be placed at the top or bottom of your page code. Wherever you place it, your page text should flow around it. Often, placed in the middle of the page makes an attractive newspaper like layout. You can have a look at an example page to get an idea of appearance.

Feel free to modify the code as you see fit however, keep in mind the the headlines will alway be 200 pixels wide.

*Bonus: All the news headline links open into a new browser window so you won't loose any visitors to your site!

If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact me at

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