When we purchased our home in 1979 it was equipped with a single unit that consisted of an eye-level oven, a cooktop and dishwasher beneath. It is a Modern Maid product. We need to replace this unit but have been unable to find one anywhere in the surrounding area. Can you help us find one?

That unit was called a "Cook and Clean Center" and is not one unit but actually two. It was marketed under the Modern Maid brand name as well as Simplicity and McGraw Edison.

Modern Maid Cook 'n' Clean CenterThe dishwasher is a separate unit and may be able to be replaced by almost any brand of built-in dishwasher. It was a typical built-in model at the time. If a short hight model is needed, the Fisher and Paykel double "Dishdrawer" or the some Asko models (see the links below) can be mounted into a space as short as 32-3/8" (82.25 cm).

The range section may be a bigger problem. Modern Maid was purchased by Caloric a number of years ago which was in turn purchased by Amana whom is now owned by Maytag (and maybe shortly by Whirlpool?). You can try asking a local Amana or Maytag dealer if such a model is still manufactured but I doubt it.

Optionally, you could repair the ones you have. Some functional parts (elements, switches) and even some trim parts like element drip bowls, knobs may still be available for the range (see the links below).

Most parts for the dishwasher, including different color door panels, are also probably still available if needed. The original dishwasher manufacturer was Design Manufacturing (DM for short) which is now owned by Frigidaire. Most, if not all, replacement parts should be available through one of their parts depots.

  • Fisher & Paykel Dishdrawer
  • Asko Dishwasher (w/short height requirements)

  • Eye-level Oven Door Handle
  • Oven Door Catch
  • Surface Burner and Oven Knob Set
  • Small Surface Element
  • Large Surface Element
  • Surface Element Recepticle
  • Small Burner Drip Bowl
  • Large Burner Drip Bowl
  • Oven Bottom, Bake Element
  • Main Top, Chrome

  • Amana Home Appliances

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