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Is it possible to repair the coating on my dishwasher dish trays? The finish is worn in several places exposing the metal underneath and the tray is starting to rust there.

Bottle of touchupMost manufacturers have touchup available for dishwasher racks, most often in approx. 1/2 oz. containers. The bottles usually come with a brush in the lid similar to fingernail polish and can be used to touchup numerous small areas.

All places on the baskets that show signs of blistering should be sanded down to bare metal and then coated. These areas have rust forming beneath the finish which will progress further unless removed.

Rack tine tipsAlso available are rubber tips that can be placed over the rack tines if the pointed ends are worn and causing marks on plates. Additionally, some manufacturers make available kits that contain both touchup and tine tips.

Touchup Only
White Blue Gray Green Clear
Camco WD49M10 WD49M9   WD49M11 WD49M13
Frigidaire 5303943120 5303943121 5300806957*    
Maytag 99001213 901947 99001214 R9900118 R9900116
Whirlpool 676453 675576 676455    
*Appears yellowish - mainly used on Kenmore 587... models

Tine Tips Only
White Blue Gray
Maytag   902286  
Whirlpool 675679 12022 676458

Touchup and Tine Tips Kits
White Blue Gray
Frigidaire 5303310273 5303310272  
Maytag 12002154 12002231 12002155
Whirlpool 4396838 4396839 4396840


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