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Belding Hall Ice-Box

Gibson - From Ice Boxes to Modern Appliances
From Ice Boxes
to Modern Appliances

In 1877, a New England ice-box maker, Joshua Hall, and his three sons moved to Belding, Michigan and founded the Belding-Hall Company. They were attracted to the area because of the outstanding cabinet making skills of the Danish craftsmen who had settled there and because of the plentiful supply of ash and other hardwoods used to make the ice boxes.

In the early 1900’s, the company was purchased by Frank Gibson, who also manufactured "ice refrigerators" in nearby Greenville, Michigan. The merger made the company the largest manufacturer in the industry at the time and a major supplier of cabinets for the first electric refrigerators. In 1932, Gibson began manufacturing its own line of electric refrigerators.

The company continued to grow and introduced many innovations including the first automatic interior refrigerator light, the first upright freezer and the "Air Sweep" method of air conditioning distribution.

In 1956, Gibson became part of the Hupp Corporation, which then merged in 1967 with White Consolidated Industries which was subsequently acquired by AB Electrolux in 1986.

Today, a full range of Gibson appliances is offered through independent distribution nationwide. The Gibson "Golden Warranty" offers extra assurance to consumers.

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