Having the necessary information at hand in advance of placing a service call will speed the process and ensure that nothing is forgotten at the last minute. Before calling a local service depot or the manufacturer print and fill out this service request template in as much detail as possible for use when requesting service or assistance.

Service Call Request Template

My ___( appliance brand )___     ___( appliance type )___     is/is not   ______( detailed complaint )______   when/during   ______( detailed observation )______.

It is ___ years old, purchased ______( exact MM/DD/YYYY if warranty )______ from ______( dealer name )______.

(If you know parts will be needed but may be handy even if you don't)
It is model number ______________ serial number ___________________.

I purchased an extended warranty from ______( warranty dealer name )______ which expires ______( exact date )______. I __have/have not__ contacted them about service.

I live at ___( apt. number )___    __( street number )__    ______( street name )_______ in ______( city )_______.
The nearest cross street is ______( street name )_______.

(In the case of security apt. buildings)
You will need to buzz number ___( buzzer number )___ in the lobby when you arrive.

My phone number is ____(area code) phone number____

When is the soonest you can come?
I can/will be available at home ___________________.

Brand Name
    Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Kenmore, etc.
    It is important this be accurate, don't guess.
Appliance Type
    Refrigerator, washer, dryer, etc.
Detailed Complaint
    Be as detailed with the complaint as possible, "not working right" is not sufficient. Have the person most familiar with the problem place the service call.
Detailed Observation(s)
    State exactly when the problem is noticed happening. E.g.

  • The washer is noisy on spin.
  • The fridge makes the noise when it starts running.
  • The dishwasher leaks during the drain.
  • The dryer doesn't heat in the permanent press cycle.
  • etc.
Appliance Age
    Try to estimate the age of the appliance unless it is under warranty then see below.
Purchase Date
    If there's any chance that something on the appliance will be under the manufacturer's warranty, you will need the exact purchase date. Without having the exact purchase date handy, warranty service may be delayed or refused altogether.
Model and Serial Number
    These should be taken directly off the appliance and not off any literature (like an owner's manual) that may have come with the product. See http://www.appliance411.com/parts/tagsearch.cgi for help locating the model and serial number tag on your appliances.
Cross Street
    The name of the nearest major road that joins the street you live on.
Buzzer Number
    Security apartment buildings usually have a separate number for the lobby buzzer than the apartment number. Be sure to provide this if applicable.

For your records:

Service company called: ________________________

Date: ____________

Phone number: ________________________

Contact's name: ________________________

Scheduled service date: _____________

Scheduled time: ____________
( do not expect an exact time )