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When posting a message you can not use HTML code. All <…> tags will be displayed in your message. So if you want to let others know that you're grinning, go ahead and enter <G> if you want.
If you hit enter, your next line will start on a new line when your message is displayed. If you hit enter twice, a blank line will be inserted between text passages.
If you want to put a link on the page, just type the full URL including the http:// and WebBBS will try to make a link of it for you. Please leave a space after the URL or the next character will be joined onto it possibly affecting the functioning of link. So don't put a period directly after a URL, leave at least one space. Your added links should open in a new browser window when clicked on.
You can also add a link by filling in the the appropriate fields in the input form. A link title will also be required. The link will usually be displayed centred beneath the text of your message. These links should also open in a new browser window.
If you want an image to display with your message, just type the full URL (including the http://) in the appropriate form field. The image will appear below your message text. If you also used the form field to add a link, the link will appear centred below the picture.


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