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To use this forum, simply select a title from the left hand frame to view the message. The message will appear in the right hand frame. At the bottom of the message you can choose to view other threads from the same message topic or reply to it.
To reply to a message, select 'Reply' from the bottom or top of the message in the right frame. The last message's text will be automatically inserted into your comments box, but only the last. This should help to avoid messages that are endlessly long reducing loading time.
To start a new message thread, select 'New Message' from the left frame and fill in the form that appears in the right. You will then have the opportunity to post the message or preview it first, to check for any errors.
When communicating via electronic mediums (email, forums, etc.) it is considered bad netiquette (net etiquette) to type in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. That is usually reserved for when you want to YELL at someone. Please only use capitals letters when appropriate.
If you decide to preview your message before posting, you must finally submit it from that preview screen. If you try to back up and submit it from the posting screen, it will generate an error. If you do go back to the posting screen after the preview, you must alter the text, even slightly, before you'll be allowed to post it.
Be Aware that some older Internet Explorer browsers (3.0) will not retain form data when using the browser's 'Back Button'. On these versions, all the text you entered into the form will be lost should you decide to edit your message. Most other and later browser versions work correctly.
Please do not just post ads for your web site. If you contribute something to the conversation, you are free to add a link to your own web site or one that you think will be helpful. If you wish to advertise something, sponsorships in the form of banner ads are available.


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